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Our firm's number one job is protecting our clients' financial privacy.  Do not send us any of your private information and attachments by unsecure e-mail. 

Our firm rolled out a new encrypted email (secure) system back in August 2014 for exchanging confidential information that we have begun using on a case-by-case basis along with our File Vault webportal (used with many of our clients since 2009).  We especially like this Sendinc email system because the entire secure email message & attachments never hit or ever reside in any email system, it is always in a separate secure website until you download any attachment.  We will still use our File Vault webportal for large files like the tax return, but the secure e-mail may be a little more convenient than our webportal system for quick e-mails and smaller pdf attachments.  In the meantime, you can learn more about this free secure email system at:  https://www.sendinc.com/ and  http://docs.sendinc.com/docs/create-an-account.  We have no control over your free personal Sendinc account.

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