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Our web portal is a website that securely stores information so that only selected authorized people can access the data.   A web portal allows you to transfer and access your private files with us without using unsecure e-mail.  We have used it for any kind of file - pdf, Word or Excel, QuickBook data - all without using any password protection.  

We have a new feature called SecureSend that makes it simpler for you to send us confidential files.  It similar to e-mail but faster and secure.  You don’t need a web portal account with us and you don’t need a username or password to use SecureSend immediately.  To use SecureSend, click the tab in top bar.

New Federal and state government laws dictate the protection of the digital transfer of private, confidential information.  File Vault Secure File Exchange by CPASiteSolutions was recommended to us by a national technology education company we use for our tech training.  File Vault uses advance security measures that are fully compliant with Federal financial information privacy laws and includes 11 full layers of security, such as strong passwords, encrypted file storage, file transfer is done by Secure Socket Layer (SSL), state-of-art firewall, real time virus scanner and backup.  Our firm has used a webportal to securely exchange information across the country since 2009 and this technology is the future of the web for securing private information and accessing large data files.  

Please call Nick at 712-540-0366 anytime if you need help or have questions about using your own personal client web portal.

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